Gelise "Magic Sword of Dalu"

The story follows Lova Nune, a young girl from the Tribe of Dalu. The Dalu tribe is located in a enormous valley with hundreds of tribes. Her Grandmother came from the Magic Sword tribe and is located in a desolated area far away from the Dalu tribe. Both tribes have different powers and the uncle of Lova Nune was the only one who could pass and teach her both powers. As she was about to learn the last lessons of the Magic Sword something terrible happened and what she saw would never leave her mind. She will fight back with a different approach. Not fire with fire but something new and more explosive in the minds of her enemies. Her journey takes us to a character we think we know, but is this really the truth? A fast pace action where chases, fights and drama are the center of this story. Strange encounters, and a blend of art, architecture and different cultures combine set in beautiful landscapes and surroundings. Sometimes miracles are closer than you think.